• Quality Construction Since 1979

    • 45
      Years of Expertise
    • 181
      Contracts to date
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      Building Contractor
      As General Building Contractors
    • ISO
      ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Classified First Category Contracting Firm
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  • Member of The Lebanese Contractors Syndicate
  • ABNIAH is a Lebanese-based leading Contractor. Member of both  Lebanese Contractors Syndicate and Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut.

    Founded by Mr. Maroun El Helou in 1979. 
    The company is a construction expert in diverse market segments, ranked first category general contractor for private and public projects.

    The founder’s determination towards hard work, quality of service, and responsiveness to clients’ needs have driven Abniah to its present success. Since then, it has relentlessly adapted to changing industry conditions and demands, which led the company to grow beyond the founder’s vision and expand services to regional markets.

    Through the past 45 years, Abniah has not only built projects, but also its reputation.


    Thanks to its technical excellence across countless construction projects that were successfully carried out in Lebanon and abroad (residential buildings, housing clusters & villas, offices, convention centers, industrial & medical centers, schools & universities, touristic compounds, and much more) all aiming at making a difference for the company’s clients, employees and community.

  • To date, Abniah’s track record includes helping clients complete more than 171 projects.


    Abniah has earned tremendous recognition for its achievements in engineering, its expertise in construction operations, reinventing itself and undertaking large and complex projects, all while fostering innovation and security.

    From estimation to project management and proficient scheduling, and the selection of responsible subcontractors that would ensure quality work while implementing international standards and safety measures.

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